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I am loving my new job but the thing I have to remember is that I was assigned to my first position during their busiest time of the year because, duh, that’s when they bring two temps in. I adore the guys and gals I’m working with and am dreading transferring to a different group but such is the way of the temp pool. The only real downside is I’ve been a smidge exhausted, hehe. I’ve been taking a lot of notes for posts and will hopefully get caught up here soon.

One thing I’ve done is gotten myself completely buggering sidetracked on YouTube watching makeup vlogs. Note: blog is written… vlog is video. This is a makeup blog. I do not plan to be making videos. There is a list of reasons for this. Items at the top of the list include the fact that I don’t consider myself particularly pretty and don’t like pictures of myself. The fact that I can’t stand the sound of my own voice is a close tie. I also don’t have a video camera so HEY, more excuses to not see myself speaking on video. Awesome 😉

There are a lot of makeup blogs and vlogs out there already. There are even makeup blogger awards! You can (and I have) waste days, weeks, years even, watching various makeup vlogs. You watch one and see three more in the sidebar you want to watch. Next thing you know it’s 4:23am, you’ve gone through half a bottle of wine, and you’re still not sure what eye shape you have or what is the best contouring shape for your face because eight different people have given you sixteen different answers.

I will admit that I have one favorite makeup vlog. This person is a professional MUA (that’s makeup artist for those of you just joining our program). They are not sponsored or otherwise influenced by any cosmetic companies. Their opinion is very much their own, based on their lifetime of experiences as a professional MUA. They have two channels on YouTube, even, one for more specific makeup related info and one for more chitchat and so forth. They also happen to be a British fellow named Wayne Goss.

Goss Makeup Artist

Goss Makeup Chat

You can also find Wayne on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. He’s on G+ as well but I’ve honestly never paid G+ much attention. One social media site is enough for me to keep up with.

Why do I adore Wayne? Because I like honesty. I like not being pandered to. I don’t particularly like cutesy and some of these makeup vlogs seem like the gals are trying to out cute each other. Please, please make it stop. Wayne is also a lifetime acne sufferer, much like me, and he has numerous videos on his channel on how to deal with the various issues we folks with bad skin (hence the tagline for this site) deal with on the regular. He is very real, very relatable, and his advice is very practical. If something is great, he will say so. If something is crap, he will say so. Wayne is my go to guy for all things makeup vlog.

I hope you like him as much as I do 😀

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